Angular 2 Workshop

Hi, I'm Brecht and I'm giving these cool 2-day workshops in Ghent!

21/22 june (sold out), 24/25 june (sold out),
29/30 june (sold out)

600 € (excl VAT)

Do you like wine? Do you like single page app development?
Let's combine them both!

We will create a "winecellar-application" to manage your wine, search new wines on the api, integrate it with authentication and a lot more cool features.

We will Code it! We will test it! We will write a pragmatic development process! We will build it for production! We will deploy it!

Go on and take a look on!
Login: johndoe, pass: testtest (or create your own account)

If you can't make it, don't worry Here's the source code anyway ;)!

The technology-stack of tomorrow!

  • Angular 2 (duh)
  • Typescript
  • Flux and redux architectures and principles
  • Reactive programming with Rxjs
  • @ngrx/store
  • Shadow DOM
  • Authentication with JWT
  • Workflow and bundling with webpack
  • unittesting with jasmine and wallaby.js

What kind of workshop is this?

It’s a 2-day hardcore development workshop focussed on the technology-stack of the future. Only 8 participants will be allowed at a time! This is to keep things interesting and on a high level. This workshop is based on best-practices and large-scale webapplications.

What you will not learn: The complete API of every technology

What you will learn: How you have to use these technologies in real world applications. The focus lies on principles, architectural choices and good-practices. And of course CODING!

Location of workshop

The workshop will take place in Holiday Inn Ghent Expo

  • Beautiful accomodation
  • Free parking
  • Easy to reach
  • Free food and drinks all day long!

The planning (for 2 days):

  • 08u30: Get to know each other over coffee, tea, juice, breakfast and fruits
  • 09u00: Start of the training
  • 10u30: Break with coffee, tea, juice, water, smoothies, yoghurt and fruits
  • 10u40: Training
  • 12u30: Lunch and desert
  • 13u00: Training
  • 15u30: Break with coffee, tea, juice, energizer, snacks and fruits
  • 15u40: Training
  • 17u00: end of the day